Wallace Bishop arrived in Australia in 1909 having already established an impressive reputation for jewellery craftsmanship and goldsmithing in England in the late 19th century.

Initially employed by Queen Street jewellers in Brisbane, Wallace established his own manufacturing business in 1917 laying the foundation for an enterprise now in its 5th generation. Design and manufacturing excellence which characterised the business from the beginning, continue to be at the heart of its modern day success.

Son, Carl Bishop, in 1934 designed the now famous Wallace Bishop Loyal watch which continues to be marketed successfully today and which gave rise to the familiar advertising slogan – “The time by Wallace Bishop watch is …”

Opening of its iconic Wallace Bishop Arcade in King George Squire coincided with the day WWII commenced in 1939, becoming a landmark business location in the city for 75 years. Wallace Bishop junior, Wal, joined the business in 1950, straight out of school, later becoming CEO in 1976. He drove strong growth in the business coinciding with the construction across the State of major shopping malls. Upon becoming Chairman in 2010 Wal’s son Stuart became CEO, a position he presently occupies while younger family from the 5th generation are employed in the business in preparation for their roles as future leaders.

With over 50 stores and more than 500 employees, Wallace Bishop is one of Australia’s oldest and most successful family businesses. As well, its Hardy Brothers Jewellers, a 166 years old business, acquired in 1997 now operates 7 stores across Australia. It provided the opportunity to manufacture and market high-end jewellery products, and, significantly, the Melbourne Cup, which was hand-crafted in Brisbane for 17 years.

Today, much of the company’s success lies in designing and manufacturing quality and customized jewellery pieces, especially diamond rings in its Newstead, Brisbane headquarters. Accompanying this is its excellent repair and manufacturing facilities unmatched in Australia. Together with these, a relentless focus on customer service enables Wallace Bishop to continue thriving in the face of the online shopping revolution and the changing role of shopping malls, under the successful leadership of Stuart Bishop and the wise guidance of Chairman, Wallace Bishop AM.

For over 100 years, this proud Queensland business has led the jewellery manufacturing and retailing industries in the State and continues to be one of the leading businesses of its kind in Australia.

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