From humble beginnings in 1946 when four Teys brothers Cid, Cliff, Mick and Max purchased a series of butcher shops in and around Brisbane, the family business has experienced remarkable success.

By 1952 the business grew to eight shops, a wholesale operation and a newly completed abattoir at Beenleigh where the company continues to have its headquarters.

Today, Teys Australia Pty Ltd (Teys) a 50/50 partnership between the Teys family and the Cargill Company is Australia’s second largest meat processor and exporter with export operations in 40 countries. Across the Eastern Seaboard Teys operates six modern and efficient beef processing plants, as well as owning two feedlots, cattle hide processing operations and other beef related businesses.

Teys has a proud history of working in various partnerships over the decades, including with Canada Packers Inc, Consolidated Press Holdings and since 2011, Cargill. Reversing the significant losses of the Kerry Packer controlled Lakes Creek Abattoir was an excellent example of the value of partnering with Teys, well attested to, at the time, by Kerry Packer. Similarly, it has built long lasting, mutually beneficial, international supply relationships particularly in Japan to which it was one of the first exporters of chilled beef. In a highly competitive global beef market, success is achieved by Teys dedication to customer service, integrity of product, efficiency of production and marketing coupled with control of all facets of the value chain.

Also critical to the Teys success is the dedication of successive generations of the family. Their values of hard work, humility and respect for their employees and stakeholders define the Teys business enabling it to thrive through turbulent trading and seasonal cycles under the outstanding leadership of the former CEO and now Chairman Allan Teys AM and CEO Brad Teys. An example of its enlightened leadership is the company’s impressive record of hiring and up-skilling migrant and refugee workers facilitating their successful integration into the Australian community.

The three hundred cattle Teys processed each week 50 years ago is dwarfed by the thirty two thousand now processed weekly which generate a turnover of around two and a half billion dollars annually. Teys fervently believes in the continued development of its international business in the face of fast developing Asia demand but it will continue to operate as a feet-on-the-ground Queensland business with strong family values that underpin a reputation that is second to none.


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