Terry began work at Scarborough and opened his first pharmacy at Woody Point in 1958. His marriage to Rhonda in 1961 was to form the basis of a successful partnership in life and in business.

A decade in Queensland politics, involving a period of tumultuous leadership, provided valuable lessons for building a major business at the conclusion of Terry’s political career in 1989. This period also taught him the importance of community which has been a core value in nurturing the Terry White Chemists’ community of franchisees.

Upon his return to the business, Terry assumed the role of company Chairman and, with Rhonda as CEO, set out to build a national brand. To achieve this, it was necessary to transcend what was essentially a small business, individual pharmacy sector by creating a franchise business. Victories in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal in Queensland enabled franchising to proceed nationally in 1994.

By 1998, Terry White Chemists had grown to 80 stores and was sold to F.H. Faulding, a major supplier. Large corporate ownership of the business over the next decade produced mixed results under successive owners, and in 2009 Terry White Chemists was reacquired by Terry, Rhonda and their partners.

It now has over 160 franchises in Australia, turns over in excess of $1 billion and employs 4500 people.

Terry’s entrepreneurship, risk taking and leadership, combined with Rhonda’s exceptional business skills, have transformed an original pharmacy on the Redcliffe peninsula into Australia’s leading pharmacy business.

He has also made a distinguished contribution to the advancement of the pharmacy profession through national leadership, including regulatory reform, as well as contributing significantly to the community.

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