Rod Wylie is a towering figure of Queensland business who, over a long career spanning more than 50 years, led many commercial companies, government owned corporations and not for profit organisations.

A tireless champion of Queensland business, he was one of the first Queenslanders to be appointed to the board of national companies and became a trailblazer for others.

Rod became a chartered accounting partner at the age of 25, subsequently becoming senior partner in Peat Marwick Mitchell while also playing a leading role for the Institute of Chartered Accountants at the state and national levels. This laid the platform for an outstanding career as a company director and chairman with his first such appointment to the board of QUF Industries Ltd, later Pauls Ltd, at the age of 39, an association which lasted for more than 30 years.

For 20 of these he was Chairman during a time of great prosperity for Pauls Ltd as its market share of the milk industry grew to 60% in Queensland and 30% in Victoria. Under Rod’s stewardship the later sale of Pauls Ltd to Parmalat ensured that shareholders were handsomely rewarded and, importantly, Pauls operations retained their Queensland home. From 1984-2001, Rod was Chairman of Theiss Pty Ltd, a remarkably successful Queensland business whose operations enjoyed national and international reach and prospered during his tenure.

This led to his appointment to the board of Leightons where he served for 16 years, 11 of which as Deputy Chairman. Having been the Chairman of the Queensland Branch of the AMP Society from 1984-1990, Rod joined the national board in 1986, an appointment which lasted for 14 years. Rod was also the Chairman of Queensland Alumina Ltd, Markwell Fisheries Pty Ltd, Australian United Foods and a director of Pioneer Sugar Mills Ltd and the Bank of Queensland.

Significant also were his extensive contributions to the community. Amongst others, he was the inaugural chairman of the Queensland Competition Authority from a period of 6 years; Chairman of the Brisbane Cricket Ground Trust; Chairman of the Queensland Enterprise Group for 18 years; State Chairman of the Institute of Company Directors; Chairman of the Red Shield Appeal and President of the Institute of Public Affairs (Queensland) for 6 years.

Rod Wylie became widely regarded for his humility, integrity and brilliant commercial judgement which he tirelessly channeled into the leadership of Queensland business and community life.

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