Rhonda, having married Terry in 1961 who, unusually for the times, was supportive of his wife building a career, opened her first pharmacy at Clontarf in 1964.

With each then having a pharmacy, Rhonda demonstrated her marketing gifts by reworking Terry’s suggested brand of “Terry and Rhonda White”, adopting instead “Terry White Chemists”, which has gone on to become a national brand name.

While raising a family, undertaking further studies in organisational development and business systems, Rhonda also pursued other career options before returning to rehabilitate the family business in the early 1980s.

When Terry rejoined the business in 1989 after his time in politics, Rhonda had introduced the systems that were to lay the platform for national growth, which she suggested to Terry was their next challenge – she as CEO and Terry as Chairman.

Her love of, and flair for design led to the opening of a flagship modern, integrated pharmacy at Australia Fair on the Gold Coast –  a precedent for her subsequent Terry White Chemists store designs incorporating pharmacy, cosmetics, general retail and preventative health care.

Rhonda’s belief that family is the basis for all success carries over to the business and the continuing successful partnership with Terry: a partnership characterised by strong wills, contestability of ideas, but a mutual willingness to adapt to change – accepting that  there is always a better way. Their complementary leadership and business skills produced a proud Queensland headquartered business which is now the largest in its field in Australia.

Quite apart from her distinguished business achievements, Rhonda has a history of significant contributions to community and charitable organisations.

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