Founded in 2001, Halfbrick Studios has grown from a small group of games-loving graduates into an international company that has been recognised as one of the top five gaming companies in the world.

Its most significant success was the release of Fruit Ninja, conceived by Luke Muscat, which was a breakthrough game concept for mobile devices, and placed Halfbrick at the forefront of the global games development industry. Fruit Ninja changed the world of games and experienced extraordinary growth from the outset mirroring the exponential growth in the sale of smart phones.

Between September and December 2010, sales of Fruit Ninja grew from 3 to 4 million. This rapid exponential growth continued, and by March 2011, sales had exceeded 20 million across all platforms. By May 2012, Fruit Ninja achieved 300 million downloads and was on one-third of all iPhones in the USA. In August 2015, downloads reached 1 billion and Fruit Ninja became the second most downloaded game of all time, and is set to be made into a movie.

Having now reached 1.5 billion downloads, together with over 500 million downloads for Jetpack Joyride, which itself is in the all-time top 25 selling games, Halfbrick has surpassed 2 billion downloads through these two games alone. Another product from the extensive Halfbrick portfolio, Fish Out of Water, became the number one game in the USA in 2014. Halfbrick is now expanding its activities into the fast developing education field where it has applied gamification techniques to the teaching of early years’ mathematics, with other products in development.

From the outset, Halfbrick has been headquartered in Kelvin Grove in Brisbane, drawing on the deep base of talent in Queensland, while also maintaining operations in San Francisco, Sydney, Los Angeles, and Spain. One-third of its market is now in China. Halfbrick is one of Australia’s fastest growing companies, largest generators of intellectual property and its products are among Australia’s largest cultural exports.

Many individuals have contributed to the stellar success of Halfbrick over its life time. However, CEO Shainiel Deo has been the consistent driving force throughout Halfbrick’s life. His focused, resilient, and entrepreneurial leadership has enabled a Queensland start-up to become a role model for the Australian gaming industry and one of the major players in a fast developing global industry.

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