Golden Circle is an Australian household brand that is Queensland to the core. The company began as a grower’s cooperative in 1947 and has remained so for most of its existence. Growers were frustrated that their needs were not being well serviced by existing canners and banded together to remedy the situation. The new Golden Circle cannery was located in Northgate, Brisbane, next to the railway line for ease of transport.

From its inception, Golden Circle has had a significant impact on the Queensland economy. At its peak, it processed the produce of 700 growers, employing around 1700 workers and creating other jobs in transport and packaging. Today, Golden Circle operations process approximately 180,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables and have a sales turnover of around $400 million annually.

Golden Circle has innovated and diversified to meet a changing business environment. The brand is synonymous with the Queensland pineapple: however, it now manufactures over 500 different products. In 1991, the company commissioned an on-site sugar refinery to meet the precise needs of its operations. Two years later a high-tech, computer operated can supply system, capable of handling 5000 cans per minute, was introduced.

Golden Circle has always been regarded as a wonderful place to work. A real family spirit has been fostered and the workforce, drawn from many nationalities, embraces their diversity with a much anticipated annual multicultural food celebration.

One of the company’s most significant achievements has been remaining successful in the face of the challenges of cheap overseas imports, sourced from countries with low labour costs. Golden Circle has responded by continuing to maintain the highest standards of quality.

In 2008, Heinz bought the company, giving Golden Circle an injection of much needed capital and expertise to continue to modernise, innovate and market. Yet the heart of this iconic Golden Circle brand is still the same. It retains its Queensland location and continues to make a significant contribution to the Queensland economy by promoting Australian grown fruit and vegetables. It stands for quality and that ‘have-a-go’ Queensland spirit.

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