Blackmores was founded in the 1930s by pioneering naturopath Maurice Blackmore (1906–1977) in the Old Town Hall Arcade in Brisbane.

This naturopathic heritage has continued to strongly influence Blackmores’ approach to health and wellbeing, drawing on the traditional use of herbs as medicines in combination with the latest knowledge of nutrition.

Blackmores is now an ASX 100 public listed company with more than 1000 employees in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. It has operations in China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Mongolia and Japan. Its remarkable success in Asia builds upon thousands of years of trusted use of herbal remedies in Eastern medicine, and reflects the vision of Marcus Blackmore AM to patiently invest in the market in Asia over many years.

Marcus took the reins of Blackmores from his father in 1975, and slowly built trust in its brand and products around the world. This steady growth strategy is underpinned by the company’s long-standing commitment to continuous innovation and investment in product and market development. The Blackmores Institute, launched in 2012, is a thriving centre of excellence for natural health research and education which has delivered accreditation programs to thousands of health care professionals and pharmacy assistants. Other notable examples include: the acquisition of BioCeuticals, which services the product needs of natural health practitioners and has flourished under Blackmores’ ownership; and Fusion Health, Australia’s leading provider of Chinese herbal medicines, which became part of the Blackmores Group in 2016.

Today, Blackmores is Australia’s leading natural health and supplements manufacturer and is consistently ranked as Australia’s most trusted brand in these product markets. As a $2 billion company, Blackmores reflects the pioneering foundations laid by Maurice Blackmore, and the outstanding leadership and entrepreneurship of his son Marcus Blackmore AM. Marcus has carved strong values in the culture of Blackmores, especially passion, integrity, and respect. Above all, building trust in people and products has been the linchpin of his leadership, and these values have contributed greatly to the company’s ongoing stability.

Blackmores is acclaimed for its commercial success as an international company, and is also widely respected for its social responsibility, environmentally sensitive practices, and its workplace friendly policies under which 10 per cent of its profits are shared with employees. From its modest beginnings in Brisbane, the Queensland heritage of Blackmores remains deeply embedded in its culture and aspirations.

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