The A.P. Eagers story began in 1911 with the arrival in Brisbane of American, Edward Eager, as the Australian representative of the Overland Company.  He and his son Fred established the company in 1913, successfully selling the Willys Overland vehicle, which was ideally suited to Australian conditions.

A natural entrepreneur with good people and sales’ skills, Edward created the business fundamentals and values which continue to this day: leading edge products; high quality service;  reward and recognition for employees; ethical trading; and contributions to the community and philanthropy.

Following Edward’s death in 1917, leadership of the company fell to Fred Eager and George Green, later Sir George, who was knighted for his philanthropic contributions. Sir George retired as company chairman in 1980.

For nearly 100 years, the company has succeeded by adapting to changing markets. It has also enjoyed, in good times and bad, the support of its four cornerstone investors, industry specialists, the Eager and Green families, Alan Piper and Nick Politis.

For 80 years, the Eagers name has become synonymous with General Motors, and Holden cars in particular: however, the product range now extends to 31 different car brands and 12 truck and bus brands.

The merger of Eagers Limited and Alan Piper’s A.P. Group Limited in 1992 was a critical point in the company’s history, resulting in its revitalisation: under Alan Piper’s leadership the platform for future success was laid. With impressive growth and expansion in recent years, a previously local business now conducts more than half of its business in other parts of Australia.

Today, A.P. Eagers is the 2nd largest motor vehicle dealership in Australia, employing 2900 people and turning over $2.4 billion annually. It is, and intends to remain, proudly headquartered in Queensland.

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