This fellowship aims to advance the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame as a centre for business research and excellence. It offers the opportunity for deeper engagement with Queensland’s business records and the development of new interpretations and knowledge about Queensland business history.

2017 Fellowship recipient

Toni Massey was awarded the 2017 Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Fellowship for her project Diving into the history of Queensland’s pearl-shelling industry.

2016 Fellowship recipient

Dr Risson’s research project looks to span a 100 year period from 1880 to and 1980, when Greek migrant families operated thousands of shops in city streets and country towns right across Australia.

2015 Fellowship recipient

Julie Hornibrook was awarded the fellowship for her project, Sir Manuel Hornibrook: Father of the Australian Building Industry, at the 2015 Queensland Memory Awards ceremony.

2014 Fellowship recipient

Madeleine King and Nadia Buick were awarded the fellowship for their project High Street Histories: Queensland’s fashion business leaders at the 2014 Queensland Memory Awards ceremony.