Congratulations to City Printing Works as the recipient of the Queensland Business History Award for 2017



The Queensland Business History Award recognises leadership in collecting, preserving and sharing business history. The annual award encourages businesses and business leaders to elevate the importance of safeguarding their irreplaceable historical material.

This year’s recipient sprang to life in 1903 with the production of The Critic, a left-leaning, social justice newspaper that covered politics and sport.

The Critic had an initial print run of 2500 copies and the original Denham Street premises quickly became too small to house the production of the newspaper and the printing works moved to East Street. The Great Depression led to the paper’s closure in 1931, however, the printing division endured. The Andersons changed the focus of their business, concentrating on a wide variety of printed material for the local community: tags for the local butchers, cake labels and stickers for soft drink bottles, much of which has been retained in an extensive historical collection.

The Andersons understand the importance of their place in Queensland history. Many of their original printing presses are on display in a purpose-built replica of the original building in the Rockhampton Heritage Village. Items such as hot metal typesetting machines and presses and samples of printing work are all on display in the heritage village.

The modern-day office in East Street also has historical items on display in the reception area. Posters and samples adorn the walls, providing an important nod to the printers of yesteryear. City Printing Works has remained under the ownership of the Anderson family for four generations.

Preserving business records helps co-create Queensland’s memory for future generations and State Library of Queensland encourages all businesses to get on board.