The Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Fellowship is awarded annually to support a research project that uses the rich resources of SLQ’s John Oxley Library and contributes to the creation of new knowledge about Queensland’s business and economic history.

The recipient will receive a stipend of $15,000 along with a personal workspace within the Neil Roberts Research Lounge for six months, granting them unparalleled access to collection items, as well as expert advice from State Library staff for the duration of their project.

This fellowship aims to advance the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame as a centre for business research and excellence. It offers the opportunity for deeper engagement with Queensland’s business records and the development of new interpretations and knowledge about Queensland’s business history.

Applications are now open.

Please download and complete the application form  (DOCX 796.5 KB)

The completed application must be received by SLQ no later than 5pm Wednesday 29 March 2017:
Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Fellowship
C/- Research Hub Coordinator
Queensland Memory
State Library of Queensland
PO Box 3488
South Brisbane Qld 4101

Or by email to

Previous winners of the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Fellowships

This fellowship is an initiative of the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame, a partnership between State Library of Queensland, The Queensland Library Foundation, and QUT Business School.

Terms and conditions
The amount of the Fellowship to be awarded will be $15,000 (excluding GST), and will be paid in two (2) instalments (upon the signing of the Agreement, and upon submission of the mid-term report). This amount may be used to supplement the researcher’s income during work on his/her project or to meet any necessary travel and research costs, within the parameters of the Fellowship. The project must be completed within 6 months of the appointment of the successful Fellow, unless otherwise agreed by State Library of Queensland. Before the fellowship is awarded, the successful Fellow will be required to sign an agreement with State Library of Queensland detailing terms of the Fellowship. This agreement covers reporting timelines, use of copyright materials, observation of standards in outcomes, plagiarism, acknowledgements, use of social media and research protocols. Two reports are to be submitted to the Research Hub Coordinator over the course of the project. The first report is due mid-term of the Fellowship, the second report at the conclusion of the Fellowship.  It is anticipated that the Fellow maintain close contact with the Research Hub Coordinator. Funding scope: Fellowships cannot be used to fund research projects which are a component of postgraduate studies. Fellowships are not intended to fund costs associated with the delivery of outcomes of the research such as exhibitions and displays, printing publications and production costs of performances.  Fellowships are intended to fund only the research and/or the creation of the content that contributes toward possible future activities. Requirements of the Fellows:
  • It is expected that the project will deliver a minimum of one (1) major tangible outcome. Examples of outcomes include a publication, on-line engagement, cultural heritage activity or product, a significant acquisition for, or a substantial curatorial contribution to, the John Oxley Library collection;
  • An annotated bibliography will be compiled as a result of the research undertaken and presented to the State Library for use as a research resource;
  • The Fellow will be expected to compose and/or contribute to at least three (3) articles on SLQ’s John Oxley Library Blog related to his/her research;
  • The Fellow will be expected to deliver at least two (2) presentations on his/her project, including a presentation to the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Governing Committee; and
  • It is desirable that all outcomes of the research undertaken during the Fellowship are given due acknowledgement of the award.
Additionally, the Fellow is to be available for publicity purposes relating to the Fellowship. Processing Applications An independent selection committee will assess shortlisted applications and receive a list of all applications to the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Fellowship program. The selection committee may, at their discretion, interview short-listed applicants. The successful applicant will be notified before any public announcement. All applicants will be notified in writing regarding the outcome of their application after the decision is announced. The decision of the selection committee is final and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into in regard to the committee’s decision. It should be noted that State Library of Queensland staff are not eligible to apply. In the event of no suitable applicant being found in a particular year, the Panel reserves the right to withhold the Fellowship for that year. Fellows will be provided with physical space, Wi-Fi and printing access to conduct their own research.  Fellows will be expected to bring in their own laptop computers to complete their projects.  Fellows will be given an initial orientation and introduction to the Library.  Fellows should liaise with the Research Hub Coordinator to assist with their day-to-day needs and enquiries while using SLQ’s collections. Assessment of applications The Panel will consider the following points when assessing applications:
  1. Relevance to Queensland business history and Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Does the project create new knowledge about or enhance understanding of Queensland’s business history or economic development? Does the project align to the criteria for Induction into the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame? (see
  2. Innovative approach Is the project approach to the topic innovative and original in some way, or does it duplicate existing knowledge? Does the project or the anticipated project outcomes aim to use SLQ resources in new and innovative ways?
  3. Use of collections Does the project make relevant use of the resources within John Oxley Library and/or State Library or other significant Queensland documentary heritage collections, or will it contribute to filling a gap in these collections? Will the project raise awareness of the content and/or importance of the John Oxley Library and/or State Library collections?
  4. Project scope and outcomes Does the project description outline clear research goals? Is the project achievable within the timeframes taking into account accessible resources? Is the scope of the project clear? Is the project at the beginning, middle or end of a bigger project? Is there a major tangible outcome, e.g. publication, on-line resource, lecture, exhibition, curatorial contribution? Does the project have the potential to contribute toward the development of a large, future tangible outcome?